Alyscamps The active pistachio tree of our Provence!

Alyscamps Le Pistachier actif de notre Provence!
One of the main active ingredients of Perfection Care is a derivative of Pistachio Lentiscus: PISTACIA LENTISCUS (MASTIC) GUM.⠀
This patented active has the main mechanism of inhibiting 5-alpha reductase. However, this enzyme has a higher activity in acne-prone sebaceous glands than in the rest of the skin, and will ultimately stimulate sebum production.⠀
Thus, by limiting the activity of this enzyme, sebum production will be reduced, imperfections reduced, pores tightened and skin texture refined.⠀
Combined with an anti-inflammatory and a prebiotic, in addition to active ingredients derived from antioxidant and moisturizing olive trees and soothing almond, the Perfection Treatment is the ideal facial treatment for blemished, acne-prone or reactive skin.⠀
Suitable for all skin types, adults and adolescents.⠀
The 100% natural fragrance is unisex and allergen-free to label.
The lentisk pistachio tree is a Mediterranean plant that you find at Provençal florists.
This is the "pleasure" and "expert" cream that I wanted for my daughter and me! ✨
This is one of our bestsellers.⠀