We are proud to announce that ALYSCAMPS has received the INITIATIVE REMARQUABLE label! Awarded by INITIATIVE FRANCE, this distinction rewards our responsible and inclusive entrepreneurial commitment.

We are proud to join the community of entrepreneurs who invent tomorrow 🚀!

The INITIATIVE REMARQUABLE Label is awarded on the basis of 4 criteria:


Multi-active cosmetics limiting overconsumption, eco-designed packaging, the lowest possible carbon footprint.


A DNA based on Made In France, particularly on the promotion of the Pays d´Arles!

Assets sourced in the Alpilles and the Camargue.

An identity highlighting the Roman and artistic heritage of Arles.


Pharmaceutical expertise at the heart of product development.


Create jobs and promote access to our care for vulnerable people through socio-aesthetic workshops.

This great recognition for a company launched in a complex period, commits us to continue in this direction!