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VITAMIN C (stabilized)



High-performance assets

This serum has been formulated to concentrate active ingredients that have proven anti-aging effectiveness.

Let's focus on PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller, a little-known innovative active ingredient, a new generation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which, thanks to its complete acetylation, acts as a cosmetic alternative to dermal fillers.

Here are its results demonstrated at a dose 5 to 10 times lower than that used in the Alyscamps Complete Serum:

PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller shows significant results compared to standard HA in terms of:
- skin penetration (100 micrometers versus 20 to 50 micrometers),
- biological degradation (only 7% degradation, versus 92%),
- expression of certain enzymes (- 30% production of free radicals under oxidative stress, not significant for standard HA),
- decrease in collagen I degradation (-42% under oxidative stress, not significant for standard HA).

Without comparison with standard HA :
- reduction of pollution damage,
- filling of crow's feet ( the PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller offers a flash reduction (1 hour) of the length of superficial crow's feet, up to -8.7%.
It reduces the number of deep crow's feet in 6 hours, up to -26.5%,
- self-assessment after 6 hours: 76% of volunteers noticed an improvement in the appearance of their skin, and 71% felt their crow's feet smoothed out,
- reduction of nasolabial fold wrinkles (1 month): PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller significantly reduces the number of nasolabial wrinkles, up to -9%, and the area of ​​nasolabial wrinkles, up to -13%.
- improvement in skin texture: 9% improvement in skin texture in 2 months, while providing visible skin benefits to volunteers.

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