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emblèmes d'Arles

Of the Alyscamps...

Our name is a reference to the glorious “Champs Elysées” in Arles, Provence. This ancient and enchanting Roman necropolis, lined with poplars and ornate tombstones, inspired both Van Gogh and Gauguin.

of the Venus of Arles, an exquisite sculpture from the Roman period representing the goddess Aphrodite, "the most beautiful woman in the kingdom" according to Louis XIV, now housed in the Louvre.

of Arles itself, an inspiring city whose artistic activity, traditions and historical legacy bestow on it a truly unique identity.

Of breathtaking natural beauty

of breathtaking natural beauty, in particular the outstanding scenic landscapes of the Alpilles mountains.

along with the charm of chic and intimate Provence.

the magic of the Camargue - a raw, wild and beautiful region.

fondateurs Alyscamps

Of my family

My husband, Jean-François, a pharmacist and native of Arles, has always dreamed of putting the spotlight on his city, just like his grandfather, a connoisseur of Van Gogh.

My special children and number one fans: Camille and Pierre.

My own journey: a pharmacist, truly passionate about my adopted home – the beautiful Mediterranean city of Arles. That’s right, I was the one with the ambitious and slightly crazy idea of creating this brand

membres famille

of specific skincare needs

Creating cosmetics for the whole family using healthy, effective and natural ingredients without ever compromising on sensory appeal..

A way of responding to our family’s very own day-to-day challenge: taking care of atopic, reactive skin... while always having a good time!

Of promises

UAn eco-friendly attitude,

Social commitments,

A local approach,

Made in France.

of my long career and the years of expertise I have gained

of my long career and the years of expertise I’ve have gained: I’m am Julie, founder of Alyscamps and a Doctor of Pharmacy specialized in drug safety. My experience garnered during my residency at Paris hospitals, my work with the health authorities, the pharmaceutical industry and my own consulting firm gave me all the independence and confidence I needed to launch my own brand./p>

of staying true to my principles, ethically guided by the Oath of Galen, solemnly taken by every doctor of pharmacy in France. I continue to be driven by the mission of using scientific evidence to carefully select safe and effective ingredients. Transparency is an essential and unconditional value and one I hold very dear.

of our wonderful team

Above all, Alyscamps is about people, and our team of outstanding experts selected for their skills, who have always stood firmly by our project.


INITIATIVES PAYS D’ARLES accompagne la société.


Just one product, but with so many promises!

By creating all-in-one skin care with multiple active ingredients, we help you keep the number of products in your bathroom to a minimum. Happily, what is good for your skin is also good for the environment.

D'In just a single ritual, your skin is replenished and infused with everything it needs, helping preserve its precious balance.


Nature at the heart of our skin care

Nature at the heart of our skin care: welcome the delicious flavor of the sun-drenched Provencal countryside onto your skin and allow it to reveal all its amazing benefits, including olive tree, fig, almond, sunflower, pistachio and apricot extracts.

97% to 99% of our selected ingredients are of natural origin.

Even our hyaluronic acid is plant-based!

Safety? It is in our DNA

Here at Alyscamps, any ingredient that is harmful or suspected of being so is banned
(Why take a risk when in doubt? And we are sure you firmly agree!).

We also limit the use of allergens - our fragrances are virtually allergen-free - and restrict the presence of substances with a harmful impact when used in large quantities or in combination with other products.

Our formulation charter eliminates the use of endocrine disruptors, parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, BHA (ButylHydroxyAnisole), BHT (ButylHydroxyToluene), triclosan, titanium dioxide, methylisothiazolinone (MIT), methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCIT), nanoparticles, salicylic acid, benzyl alcohol, benzophenones, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate.

Alcohol concentration is limited to just 0.3%.

Truly "active" active ingredients

The efficacy of Alyscamps active ingredients, selected for the formulation of our skin care products, is always backed up with solid scientific proof (patents, studies and scientific literature).

Our active ingredients are carefully concentrated in order to guarantee truly optimal efficacy, ensuring all the benefits are present in just a single ritual.

The bottom line? It is all about pleasure!

A rich, luscious texture, elaborated by two experts in natural formulation, with a few notes of delicate fragrance...
... absolutely nothing has been left to chance.

Every single one of our products is meticulously and holistically designed to offer you the utmost in well-being and relaxation.

Sit back and let your senses be aroused as nature takes over...
in the comfort of your bathroom!


Promoting local supply chains

We strive to ensure that the majority of our active ingredients are locally sourced
(olives, figs, sunflowers, rice, almonds, etc.).

Our carefully selected extra virgin olive oil, widely used in the formulation of our skin care products, is no exception to this principle and is both cold-pressed and organic.

What’s more, it bears the Appellation d’Origine Protégée (PDO) of the glorious Vallée des Baux-de-Provence in the south of France.

Le Moulin de la Cravenco

La Cravenco Mill

La Cravenco mill in Arles has been turning since 1928 and is surrounded by a delightful olive grove. Traversed by the ancient Barbegal Roman Aqueduct and rich in beautiful olive trees more than 60 years old, this heritage mill possesses truly outstanding know-how and unmatched quality.

Made in France

An eco-friendly and local approach:

– aiming for the lowest possible carbon footprint,

– trusting in French know-how, the very best in the luxury and beauty sector,

– creating jobs by promoting French suppliers and growing our team.

soin complet femme Alyscamps

Getting back to basics

By choosing multi-benefit, all-in-one skincare products, you avoid over-consumption and accumulating numerous products, both in your bathroom and on your skin.

A single product is enough to take care of your skin on a daily basis!

Thinking green

Alyscamps favors approaches to limit its environmental impact and look after our planet.

We use recyclable packaging (glass and cardboard) whenever possible..

The cardboard used for our boxes is FSC-certified, guaranteeing the sustainable and responsible management of forests.

Developing the circular economy

Alyscamps skin care products contain olive oil as well as numerous olive tree by-products. This has the double advantage of making the most of everything this amazing plant has to offer AND preventing waste!.

And Alyscamps aims to go even further by playing a greater role in the circular economy, in particular by recycling olive tree waste and exploiting apricot stones.

That’s right, the future of Alyscamps is already taking shape. We are always on the move!

Making sure no one is left behind

By developing a skin care range with a focus on efficacy and safety, Alyscamps is deeply committed to ensuring its products are accessible to those whose skin has been damaged by disease.

Socio-aesthetic workshops will be offered in hospital oncology and dermatology departments.

Because regaining your self-esteem starts with the simple pleasure of being good to yourself.


Our boutique is located in the very heart of Arles.

16, Place de la République

It was paramount for us to create a place that truly reflects our lovingly designed products. Whether it is materials, colorsor textures, no detail is left to chance. Set in the very heart of Arles, our little haven has been beautifully crafted from wicker, wood, stone and ceramic, ensuring all those who come to visit enjoy its delightfully relaxing and holistic feel.

Our other points of sale

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Hôtel Les Arnelles**** - Route d'Arles, 13460 Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

L'institut Corte / Paulette store - 20 avenue du neuf septembre, 20250 Corte

Maison Orso - 3, rue de Montfort, 35000 Rennes

Moulin La Cravenco - Route d'Eyguières, 13280 Raphèle-Les-Arles

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